By Adele Froneman



Consider the magnitude and complexity of starting a mine. The predominant indicator would be to measure one’s status of security. Not only does the process of extracting materials from the earth require specialized machinery, operations and setup is costly and demands substantial investment capital.


To generate a notable return on these operations in the future, extensive preparation is of the utmost importance. The next critical step in this process would be to find a reliable supplier of quality machinery and equipment as well as a team consisting of intensified knowledge, experience and a reputation to match. The combination of advanced expertise, quality products and impeccable service may prove challenging to acquire when considering the vastness of the industry.


Benco Machines has proven to be the perfect solution for companies and individuals who are setting up a new mine. We design, manufacture and install all mining equipment and machinery at competitive prices. With over 30 years of experience in the metal industry, we take pride in offering quality products and services. Benco has an extensive range of specialized products which includes solvent extraction machines, specifically designed for the purpose of mining.


Included in our range of specialists, is an experienced technician who will review and assist you with your unique production model. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, he provides you with the correct equipment best suited for your specific requirements.


Benco manufactures equipment for an all-inclusive industrial sector. Our range of products include new and refurbished electrical motors, rotary dryers, valves and many more. An extensive list is available in our Company Profile and website at We invite you to consult with any member of our competent team directly through email or phone call. They are happy to assist and provide advice and assist in the process of acquiring the machinery you need to start up your new mining venture.


It is of vital importance to us that all customers receive exceptional service when acquiring our quality products. One of our core values is to create and maintain positive relations with our clients. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority and foundation upon which our business is built. Every member of our team is driven to ensure that you will receive your particular products within the fastest possible turnaround time. Benco has a long list of reputable references to support this statement regarding past projects we have completed.


You are invited to contact us directly regarding this vital component in the starting up process of your mine. Rely on our quality machinery and equipment. Rely on Benco Machines.

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